GPS Fleet Installation

Installs Unlimited skilled technicians provide onsite installation services, saving you the time and money.

12 Volt Accessories

From easy to complex we are experts in the installation and implementation 12 Volt accessories.

GPS Fleet Maintenance

Remove the worries of equipment failures and maintenance. Installs Unlimited will work with you to ensure uptime and performance.

How it works

We implement a zero defect policy. We will return or redo any installation that is not to the 100% satisfaction of each customer or the highest possible industry standards. To avoid go backs and to guarantee our customers satisfaction, we provide a complete quality inspection with checks and balances to make sure we covered it all.



By analyzing your situation, we will help you select the best solution for your fleet



During this process we get a better understanding of the tasks (schedule) of your vehicles and are diligent as to not interfere in the least with the daily operation of business.



We will work with you and your team to create a seamless deployment minimizing down time for all your vehicles and allowing you to continue to do business with minimal interruption.


Remove Old Equipment

Going to a new solution? Retiring vehicles from your fleet? Our expertise will quickly and efficiently remove new, old or outdated equipment. Giving you comfort that your equipment is protected and can be used again.


Install New Equipment

Our technicians will install new and used equipment quickly and efficiently.


Activation & Follow Up

Unlike some other installers, we ensure that all of our installations are activated and working properly before we leave the site. We also offer follow-up maintenance services to ensure maximum uptime for each unit.

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